Force 3 Security Ltd offer a complete range of CCTV products, all designed, installed, and maintained by trained experts.

Digital CCTV

Digital CCTV has long been established as a major weapon against crime and anti-social behaviour and traditional analogue CCTV still offers the most cost effective method of deterring and detecting security incidents. Systems range from simple standalone recording systems right up to fully automated systems that can detect and transmit images to our 24 Hour Control Room.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition Systems

Automatic Number Plate Recognition Systems or ANPR used advanced technology to capture number plate information from targeted roadway areas. They usually use specialist cameras that fire infra-red light at the vehicle enabling them to read the number plate information that is reflected back. These specialist cameras are able to operate under low light conditions and darkness and new techniques mean that providing the cameras are correctly specified and installed offer capture rates of up to 99%. ANPR cameras are then linked to dedicated recorders and software packages that collect and analyse the number plate data cross referencing this to pre-prepared data bases of known vehicles. ANPR is especially useful for facilities that need to keep a check on vehicle movements for example, distribution companies use linked ANPR to track vehicles entering and leaving multiple depots so they can quickly and easily identify journey times, petrol retailers use data of known drive off (bilking) offenders, and sensitive buildings such as government, cash, and data handling, use them to monitor surrounding roads for known offenders and security threats.

Thermal Cameras

Thermal Cameras are used in areas where there is little or no light, and areas where the terrain offers cover for criminals and security threats near buildings or in undergrowth. Thermal cameras are designed to work alongside existing CCTV cameras as they create images based on the heat energy patterns that are constantly emitted from the human body rather than reflected light images created by standard cameras. As thermal energy is able to penetrate obscuring factors such as fog, haze, and smoke it means you can identify potential targets from a far greater distance and in complete darkness. Thermal cameras are especially useful when aligned to Perimeter Protection Systems, as they can be configured to react to detection devices allowing your security personnel to detect and observe intruders and other security threats in total darkness and bad weather conditions. Force 3 Security Ltd offer a full range of static and multifunctional thermal cameras solutions supplied with or without analytics. Our high powered thermal PTZ cameras offer up to 16 times better image clarity than lower resolutions cameras delivering even longer threat detection and performance. We also offer an advanced range of thermal cameras which have the ability to monitor actual temperatures an invaluable asset in areas such as waste disposal areas which may be threatened by fire and long range units than are able to detect a man sized object at distances of up to 2.4 km.

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