Force 3 Security Ltd are NSI Gold accredited in the design, installation, and maintenance of all types of intruder alarm systems, and as intruder alarms still represent the bulk of security systems currently utilised in the UK, their importance in forming the backbone of most integrated systems should not be underestimated.
Intruder alarms and their associated signalling are arranged in grades, grade 1 being a typical DIY system and Grade 4 being the highest level of security and almost all commercial systems will fall into the Grade 3 category. Recent changes have seen the insurance industry begin to base their grading on the method of signalling to a security control room rather than the overall system meaning it may in fact be possible to install a Grade 3 system with say Grade 3 or 4 signalling which will provide the client with a much more cost effective solution. Recent advances in wireless technology with two way reporting has opened up far more complex forms of intruder alarm systems which can monitor all of the windows and doors of a property while disabling internal motion detection when the premises is occupied, excellent for high value residential properties and lone working situations.

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