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IP and HD CCTV like advanced digital cameras and smart phones utilise megapixel technology and compression allowing more data to be transmitted and recorded resulting in superior live and recorded images that will deliver images suitable for facial recognition which in turn leads to higher conviction rates. On average megapixel cameras deliver image quality that is at least 3 times better than traditional CCTV cameras so you no longer need multiple cameras to deliver specific views as you can be confident that the recorded images will be of suitable high quality to zoom into any potential incident. IP CCTV represents the cutting edge of current CCTV technology providing crystal clear images and total installation flexibility it is no wonder that a recent survey of major retailers revealed that 80% of them intend to move towards IP CCTV in the next five years.

CCTV Analytics

CCTV Analytics can be used for advanced detection as it can be configured to react to electronic trips wires, targets entering a protected area, direction of movement detection such as vehicles moving down one way streets and persons climbing fences (especially useful as the system can be told to ignore horizontal movements as people walk past but react to vertical movements when climbed). Retailers are also beginning to use analytics as it now provides sales data as well as security. Cameras can record the number of visitors to a store, their movements around the retail floor, and even their dwell times at certain promotions, offering the retailer valuable sales data allowing them to best target their stock and promotions in the future.

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